Since 1985 the Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service has been providing private patrol coverage in the Boulevard Oaks, Southampton Place and Southampton Place Extension neighborhoods as well as other small communities in the contiguous area. The Patrol Service was incorporated in 1989 and is managed by a board of directors consisting of 5 community members.

     All members of the board serve in a voluntary capacity without salary or compensation of any kind for their services.  Members include a president, secretary, and representatives appointed by their respective community associations.  They are supported by an experienced accountant who assists with payroll disbursement and tax filing, an office Administrator who handles the subscriber accounts, website and newsletter, and an experienced HPD officer who coordinates the patrol officers employed by the Patrol Service.

     The Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service, Inc. is a non-profit organization that relies solely on the financial support of its subscribers to fund its operations.  All contributions go entirely to the Patrol Service to pay officers and support staff, as well as to purchase and maintain patrol vehicles and equipment.  The Patrol Service is a separate organization from the community civic clubs and associations. Both the Patrol Service and civic organizations collect their own dues except by special arrangement. The Patrol Service bills all property owners for annual membership contributions every December for the coming year OR at the end of each quarter for the coming quarter with quarterly reminders.

     If you have questions for the Patrol Board, you can contact the Patrol Board president, Lyman Paden, at [email protected] or leave a message at 713-825-4558.  Questions or concerns regarding the Patrol Officers or the service we provide can be addressed to the Patrol Coordinator, Mark Vollert, at [email protected] or leave a message at 713-825-4558.