Since 1985 the Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service has been providing private patrol coverage in the Boulevard Oaks, Southampton Place and Southampton Place Extension neighborhoods as well as other small communities in the contiguous area. The Patrol Service is a major crime deterrent and has been a significant factor in protecting the safety of the neighborhoods and property values.

     The patrol is made up of full-time off-duty HPD officers who are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to respond quickly and strictly to the community for a variety of calls - everything from suspicious persons and vehicles to solicitors, vandals and serious crimes. Out-of-town checks and alarm service calls are available solely to subscribers.  Officers are able to provide all the functions of on-duty HPD officers but are able to respond much more quickly as they are dedicated to just the community area and callers are speaking directly to the police officer.  Residents of the service areas are encouraged to contact officers immediately with any concerns, as soon as they see anything suspicious, or as quickly as possible regarding any event.  While the Patrol Service monitors the HPD dispatch we are not connected to the city 911 service.  In the event of a life or death emergency residents are encouraged to call 911 before contacting the Patrol Service.  The Patrol Service is supported by an office administrator to help with timesheets, receivables, communications, newsletters and website maintenance.

     The Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol Service, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that relies solely on the financial support of its subscribers to fund its operations.  All contributions go entirely to the Patrol Service to pay officers and support staff as well as to purchase and maintain patrol vehicles and equipment, and operational expenses.  The Patrol Service is a separate organization from the community civic clubs and associations. Both the patrol service and civic organizations collect their own dues except by special arrangement.